09 August 2015 | The Seattle Times | UW builds largest digital library of Sephardic language
Fast becoming a Sephardic guru, a University of Washington professor is building the world’s first digital library of books, letters and other materials in the centuries-old language of Ladino.

06 August 2014 | Yiddish Book Center |  Collecting Ladino Books: A conversation with Devin Naar
Aaron Lansky visits with Professor Devin Naar to discuss Ladino, the Judaeo-Spanish language which was developed in parallel with Yiddish. We learn about the origins of the language and Naar's groundbreaking work collecting Ladino books.

31 July 2014 | KUOW 94.9FM | How Do You Save a Dying Language?
Ross Reynolds speaks with Devin Naar, an assistant professor at the University of Washington, about his attempts to save Ladino, a dying language spoken by Sephardic Jews. Naar discusses the language's fascinating history, uncertain future and how Ladino helped him uncover secrets about his own family.

23 July 2014 | Tablet MagazineSeattle’s Sephardi Jews Brought Us Starbucks: Now They’re Trying To Bring Back Ladino 
Seven decades ago, the Jews of Rhodes were sent to Auschwitz. Now some descendants are preserving a culture nearly lost.

16 January 2013 | UW Today | A family’s lost story found, and the Sephardic Studies Initiative
Devin Naar is collecting documents and rare books to translate and share with students, scholars and the community. He plans to create the first online archive and library dedicated to the Sephardic Jewish experience.

07 August 2012 | KIRO Radio | UW professor seeks to save a dying language
A University of Washington professor has set out to preserve a historic Jewish language that was nearly decimated during the Holocaust.

15 July 2012 | Jewish Telegraphic Agency | Rushing to Preserve Ladino Legacies
Devin Naar, an assistant professor in Jewish studies at the University of Washington who is trying to uncover, collect, preserve and digitize the rich heritage of Sephardi Jews.

20 June 2012 | JTNews | 10 Under 40: It's All Greek to Him. Really.
Our local Sephardic community Professor Devin Naar’s enthusiasm is palpable and contagious, even over the phone.

20 July 2011 | JTNews Mystery, Intrigue and the ‘Seattle of the Balkans’
Devin Naar’s life story sounds like the flyleaf of a historical fiction novel: Mystery, intrigue, found boxes of dusty archives, world travel…and even a little romance along the way.